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Delegation by FFA to Chapters – Sub-Committees of FFA

Section 38 of the constitution provides:
“The establishment of a Chapter is at the discretion and direction of the Board at any place in a State or Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia or such other place or places as the Board may determine and shall be subject to the grant of a charter by the Board which shall have the power to withdraw, or place conditions on the continuation of a Chapter charter where it is considered for good reason to be in the best interests of the Association.”


Chapters can be bodies incorporated in their state or can be unincorporated bodies.

Chapters acknowledge that as sub-committees of FFA that all funds and other assets held by their Chapter are ultimately held in trust for FFA and in the event that for any reason the Chapter ceases to operate as a Chapter of FFA then such funds and assets shall be forwarded to FFA.

Members of FFA will automatically be members of the Chapter in which they permanently reside.

Members of FFA may apply in writing to the board to be a member of a Chapter other than the Chapter for the area in which they permanently reside provided that they are members of only one Chapter. Such consent by the board of FFA will not unreasonably be withheld.

CHAPTER COMMITTEE’s are covered by sections 39,40 and 41 of the constitution which provide:
39. There shall be a Chapter Committee of each Chapter of the Association either formally elected or informal by consensus, that will act in accordance with this Constitution and the direction of the Board, and shall conduct the Committee meetings at the place at which the Chapter is established, or at a place agreed by the majority of the Committee, and shall conduct the competitions of the Chapter at a place so designated and approved by the Board. Any action or decision or resolution made by a Chapter Committee has no standing in relation to the management of the Association.

40. A formally elected Chapter Committee shall consist of –
I. The Chapter President,
II. The Chapter Secretary, and
III. The Chapter Treasurer, or
IV. The Chapter Secretary / Treasurer, and
V. Three ordinary members,
all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Chapter in accordance with this Constitution and at the direction of the Board.

41. Where members decide by consensus a Chapter is to have an informal Committee consisting of a minimum of three members appointed from time to time, there shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Chapter and Clauses 91, 92 and 93 a) and c), and where appropriate 93 b) will apply.

Duties of each Chapter:

  1. Section 142 of the constitution provides: “Each Chapter Committee shall be responsible for organizing three fly fishing competitions each competition year. The dates for these competitions are to be announced at least 6 months in advance of holding the first of those competitions. Each Chapter must submit details of the venues and nature of these competitions to the Board for its consideration and approval. These competitions are open to all members and non-members.”
  2. To organise national and international fly fishing competitions as reasonably required by FFA from time to time.
  3. To ensure each person who competes in competitions organise by the Chapter has paid all relevant fees as determined by FFA and the Chapter Board of Directors from time to time.
  4. To abide by the rules of FFA including but not limited to the constitution of FFA, it’s by laws, decisions of the National Board of FFA and the Competition Rules. State Chapters of FFA may be suspended from operation by the National Board of Directors of FFA if they consistently or knowingly operate contrary to the “rules” of FFA. If a State Chapter is suspended then no member of FFA can proceed to the nationals by virtue of competing in a competition organised by a state chapter whilst that Chapter is suspended.
  5. Chapters shall determine rules for the operation of their Chapter but any rules so determined shall not be inconsistent with the “rules” of FFA. To the extent that any Chapter rules are not consistent with the rules of FFA then the rules of FFA shall prevail at the discretion of the National Board of Directors.
  6. To promote membership of FFA.
  7. To collect FFA membership fees and competition insurance premiums from members and non-members and to forward them to the Treasurer of the national body of FFA.
  8. To arrange sponsorship for Chapter activities (providing they do not conflict with any national sponsorship arranged by the FFA Board of Directors.
  9. To raise and to hold funds for the benefit of Chapter members by organising raffles, charging entry fees to FFA competitions hosted by the Chapter and by such other lawful means as determined by the Chapter Board of Directors from time to time.
  10. To open bank accounts and keep a set of books in accordance with normal business practice, and to furnish no later than the 1st of September every year to the treasurer of FFA, a profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the previous financial year.
  11. To apply their Chapter funds for the benefit of state chapter members including but not limited to donating funds to State Chapter members who are chosen in representative teams. The amount donated to be determined by the Chapter Board of Directors from time to time.
  12. To consider at a Chapter level, matters that relater to the operation of the national body that have been raised by members, and then if thought appropriate by the Chapter and so resolved by the Chapter refer that matter to the national board of FFA for further consideration.
  13. Draft chapter rules.


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