Wind from the north, a wise fisherman doesn't set forth. Wind from the east, fish bite the least. Wind from the south, blows bait in the the fish's mouth. Wind from the west, fish bite the best.

National Competitions

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Nationals Year
National Fly Fishing Championships Miena Tasmania
National Fly Fishing Championships
National Fly Fishing Championships
Falls Creek
National Fly Fishing Championships
National Fly Fishing Championships
National Fly Fishing Championships
Falls Creek Victoria
National Fly Fishing Championships

The Australian Fly Fishing Championships (“The Nationals”) is be held annually at a time and place to be determined by the Board.

Unless otherwise determined by the Board the Nationals shall be held in either New South Wales, Tasmania or Victoria (on a rotational basis) on or about the last weekend in November

Progressing to the Nationals

Can only be achieved in the following ways:

Under Section 140 (a) of the Constitution. ‘Those members who have attained ranking points at a Chapter convened and organised competition that has been approved by the Board.

Details of the process are as set out in the following resolution passed by members on 9/1/2016.

‘That commencing 1st July 2015 each competitor will be awarded one “session ranking point” for each session that he / she scores a fish in at their best two state competitions for each competition year. Further where a competitor receives ranking points achieved under the current ranking system their “session ranking points” must come from the same best two competition that they received ranking points achieved under the current ranking system from. The sum of “session ranking points” and ranking points achieved under the current ranking system will be used as qualifying points for the Nationals that relates to each competition year.

If the Nationals is oversubscribed the sum of “session ranking points” and ranking points achieved under the current ranking system will be used to limit the number attending the subject Nationals to the number of entrants nominated on the website page relating to the subject Nationals prior to registrations for that Nationals being opened.

Further if there is a tie in that process that will be determined first by sum of “session ranking points” and ranking points achieved under the current ranking system and then where two or more competitors have the same total ranking points by fish points in the same sessions that total ranking points were awarded.

Selection for international teams will continue to be carried out with reference only to the ranking system as it stands before this motion.’

Under Section 140 (b) of the Constitution. World and Commonwealth team members.

‘Those members who have fished in at least one competition duly convened and organised by a Chapter and who have travelled to and participated in either a World Fly Fishing Championships or Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships as team members including fishing team members, reserves or other positions appointed by the Board such as Team Captain or Team Manager are granted automatic entry to the Nationals in the same year as they participated in World Fly Fishing Championships or Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships. Members of teams participating in the Oceania Fly Fishing Championships do not receive automatic right of entry.’

Under Section 140 (c) of the Constitution.

‘Such other members as the Board may determine having regard to special circumstances’.

Under Section 140 of the Constitution.

‘Unless otherwise determined by the Board only the following members shall be eligible to compete at the Nationals’. The board retains the right to issue ‘Wild Card entries’ to the Nationals. These were first introduced in 2008 to help with sponsorship arrangements.’

  1. ‘Wild Card’ entries cover the entry fee to the Nationals and the cost of the presentation dinner. The person invited under a Wild Card entry pays their own accommodation and other costs.
  2. ‘Wild Card’ entrants can win the Nationals but do not receive ranking points and can not through that competition go on to selection in an Australia representative team.

In accordance with the following 2 resolutions passed at the 2014 Annual General Meeting of FFA.

  1. That each’ State be allocated 5 positions to the National Championships, to be filled by the top 5 anglers from each State. Anglers do not need State Ranking points in order to fill these positions. Once the allocated State positions have been filled the remaining places available at the National Championships are then allocated on a National basis based on State Ranking point totals for the relevant competitive year.’
  2. ‘Should a National Championship not reach its ‘capped’ number of registered anglers then the State with the least number of registered anglers be offered a ‘wild card’ for an interested angler to attend the National Championships. The State with the next lowest number of registered anglers would then be offered the next wild card spot and so on until the cap is reached or the angler pool exhausted.’