Wind from the north, a wise fisherman doesn't set forth. Wind from the east, fish bite the least. Wind from the south, blows bait in the the fish's mouth. Wind from the west, fish bite the best.

Oceania Fly Fishing Championships

In 2015 Australia will be the host country for the 10th Oceania Fly Fishing Championships.

The Oceania Championships were first held in New Zealand in 1998 and were the result of discussions between Fly Fish Australia and Sports Fly Fishing New Zealand. The original concept was to provide additional competition experience to anglers from both countries broadly under the FIPS-Mouche International Competition Rules. The reference to Oceania is derived from the Oceania Region defined by the IOC. Australia and New Zealand are currently the only FIPS-Mouche affiliated countries in the Oceania Region and it has been the practice to invite other countries to participate in the event. Past participants have included Canada, United States and Japan. There is currently no written agreement as to the conduct of the event however there is a mutual understanding the event, whilst modeled on the World Fly Fishing Championships, is not intended to carry with it the strict ceremonial content of that event. The Oceania Championships alternate between Australia and New Zealand as host countries. They are held every second year (in the odd numbered year) with the Commonwealth Championships being held every second year in the even numbered year.

The event is by tradition strongly contested by skilful anglers in an atmosphere of friendship with an emphasis on sportsmanship. Our event is designed to enhance that tradition.