Wind from the north, a wise fisherman doesn't set forth. Wind from the east, fish bite the least. Wind from the south, blows bait in the the fish's mouth. Wind from the west, fish bite the best.

Young Guns

On 16/1/2007 FFA establishment of a “YOUNG GUNS” program designed to help developed skills in the next generation of competition fly fishers.

Since November 2014 the program has been open to fly fishers between the age of 14 and 25 years of age as at 1st of July each year.

The scheme is progressively tailored to meet the needs of younger members of Fly Fish Australia but will ultimately include.

  1. Reduced out of pocket expenses for younger members.
    • Base rate of the entry fee to competitions is only 50% of that for other members.
    • On 14/1/16 the board of FFA resolved that it would reimburse 50% of the entry fee for a young gun to register for Oceania, Commonwealth and World competitions. That benefit is in addition to any contribution FFA makes to team members at large.
  2. Access to top quality fly fishing tackle and apparel at reduced prices.
    • Full access to our sponsor programs. Up to date details are posted on the ‘Members only resources’ which can be accessed from the ‘Members tab on the website home page.
  • Mentoring form some of the best Fly Fishers in Australia.
  • The opportunity to fish at state competitions that lead to qualifications to fish at the Australian Fly Fishing championships.
  • An opportunity to meet with like minded new generation fly fishers.
  • Take a gifted young angler and expose him or her to some of the best anglers in Australia . . . their development could be exponential.

    For further information contact: