NSW/ACT Round One 2020/2021

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21 November @ 8:00 am - 22 November @ 5:00 pm AEDT


Brendon Cotterill

Competition Status

Not yet open.
Competition still to be finalised and information is subject to change.

Competition Details

Type of Competition

Lake - Loch Style

Number of Sectors


  • Eucumbene Dam - Buckenderra arm only (including Rushy Plains)
Morning Session Times

8 am to 11 am

Afternoon Session Times

1 pm to 4 pm

Draw Process

The seeding, groups & draw is to be done in accordance with FFA procedures.

Briefing Details

The briefing will take place in the conference room of the Buckenderra Holiday Village, upstairs behind the reception at 7pm on Friday 20 November 2020.

General Advice

Competitors are responsible for their own accommodation, transport and meals. For those interested in enquiring about accommodation at Buckenderra Holiday Village, please call Josh or Jana on 1800339461. On Saturday evening, a John Cummins Memorial dinner will be held with all members welcome. Wood fired pizzas will be provided, (included in the entry fee!) and there will be some lucky door prizes - a fun night to be had.


This competition is subject to FFA Competition rules.

Rule Modifications

  • Water closures has been extended so that it is from midnight the week prior to the competition - 13/11/2020 at midnight


General Safety

The Competition Organisers reserve the right to allocate alternative competition sectors having regard to safety and other considerations as circumstances dictate at the time. This will be communicated at the Competitor Briefing or by email beforehand if appropriate and feasible.

Boat Safety

Boats can be launched on the lake venues during the closed period but they must immediately be taken to their mooring point and should not travel more than 200m from their launching point if at all possible. PFDs (life jackets) must be worn in all boat sessions. PFDs are to be in current service date as required by Maritime regulations. Competitors are to provide their own PFDs and should not rely on boat owners to provide them. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES If a boat requires assistance oars must be held vertically. Other boats are requested to render assistance. In the event of an emergency on the lake mobile phones and radios can be used to obtain assistance but are strictly prohibited for any other purpose. As boats depart during the allocated steaming time prior to each session, NO PLANING is allowed in the first five minutes of departure.


All competitors must take responsibility for their own actions. Neither Fly Fish Australia Incorporated nor individual FFA CHAPTERS accepts any responsibility for any injury or loss incurred by any competitor, official or any participant or observer during the running of this competition or other events. The Event Organisers also reserve the right to change the event due to COVID-19 lock downs and/or restrictions and competitors may not be compensated for any cancellations. All competitors are required to hold a valid state fishing licence.