Australia first entered the World Fly Fishing Championships in May 1987 as an invitation team. This was done on the understanding that for Australia to be involved in future competitions, an organisation representing our country and recognised by the International Federation of Sport Fishing, would be formed.

Fly Fish Australia Incorporated (FFA) was formed in 1989 and became the recognised body by the International Federation of Sport Fishing for the purpose of selecting teams to represent Australia.

Initially, selection for Australian teams was done through a Curriculum Vitae and reference process, which clearly posed a number of problems in respect of access and equity.

At the 1993 Annual General Meeting of FFA held in Cooma, the Board resolved “…. to work towards a fair and equitable system of selection” . . . this has led to the holding of State competitions in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW/ACT, SA, WA and Queensland for the purpose of selecting competitors to fish in the National Fly Fishing Championships. From ranking points gained at state competitions and the National Championships members qualify to progress through a selection process that determines the teams that represent Australia at the World, Commonwealth, Oceania and Masters Fly Fishing Championships.

Fly Fish Australia Inc. currently has chapters in Victoria, Tasmania and NSW/ACT with chapters previously in SA, WA and Queensland.