Fly Fish Australia Membership

Welcome to the Fly Fish Australia Membership Page. Our mandate is primarily to select the best fly fishers to represent Australia in International Competitions.  We promote competition sport fly fishing.

What do you get for your membership?

We have a membership of approximately 150 like minded fishermen and women.  Membership subscriptions are due in July of every year, being $100 unless you are a Youth Member, which entitles you to a 50% discount.

Benefits of membership

  • All new members of Fly Fish Australia are amazed at how quickly they learn the techniques required to catch lots of fish
  • Our members all fish regularly so if you fish regularly, this membership community is for you
  • Gaining ranking points at State Chapter competitions
  • Able to qualify to fish at National Competitions
  • Being able to be selected for Australian Teams to compete internationally

Only fully subscribed members can receive competition ranking points in any given year.  If members fail to renew their annual subscription in a given year, they forfeit any historical ranking points.

Join FFA

  1. If you would like to be a member of Fly Fish Australia, you will need to complete the Membership Form below;
  2. New applications will be referred to the Board of Fly Fish Australia for approval;
  3. A response to your application will be forwarded to your email address and if successful, you will be invoiced directly.

Existing members

We are keen that existing members go to the Membership Form below and update their membership details.

Past members

We would like to keep in touch with past members of Fly Fish Australia.  If you would like us to keep in touch with you, could you please let us know using the Membership Form below.

Please note that as long as an application has been submitted prior to a competition, competition ranking points may be awarded to a new member on receipt of their membership.

Members are invoiced annually in July of each year. Ranking points are only awarded to fully paid up members. If new members join within the financial year, new members are required to pay the full membership fee.

Membership Form