FFA Sanctioned Competitions and COVID-19 Update as of 16 September 2020

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the impacts of COVID-19 on our competitions has prompted this advice to members wishing to participate in FFA sanctioned competitions. As at 16 September 2020 the following position applies:

  1. The FFA Board is still encouraging the staging of competitions subject to appropriate COVID-19 mitigation measures being implemented by the State Chapter and competition organisers including compliance with relevant State Health Orders in force at the time of the competitions.
  2. The current closure of State borders means that anglers are unable to travel interstate for competitions.
  3. FFA VIC have informed FFA Board that they are unable to conduct any competitions prior to Christmas and that they will endeavour to hold at least one of the two postponed competitions in 2021.
  4. Both FFA TAS and FFA NSWACT currently have two competitions scheduled prior to Christmas and all FFA QLD competitions are scheduled for 2021. Both FFA WA and FFA SA are dormant chapters at this time.
  5. FFA Nationals are scheduled to be held in Tasmania in February 2021.
  6. International competitions are still scheduled for 2021.
  7. The FFA Board announcement made in relation to nomination of one competition prior to 31 December 2020 for inclusion in the year ending June 2020 rankings has been RESCINDED due to the need to maintain a level of equity for members arising from the decision by FFA VIC to postpone competitions for this year.
  8. The FFA Board has effectively reduced membership fees by extending memberships for two years ie any renewals or new memberships will automatically extend until 30 June 2022
  9. The overall COVID-19 situation within Australia appears to be improving with potential opening of State borders . Internationally there remains serious concern and restrictions with regard to international travel and health risks.

 Any or all of the above can change relatively quickly as a result of COVID-19 levels , government policy and health order responses. Accordingly ongoing vigilance and monitoring must be our position. Given this ongoing uncertainty the following FFA Board decisions have been made to flag contingency planning depending upon what changes come into effect over the next few months:

  1. The accrual of ranking points for the time being will continue however the Board has placed a significant proviso on the entry conditions for ALL competitions advising that: The Board of Fly Fish Australia is currently unable to determine the practicalities and fairness of allowing ranking points  to accrue in 2020 given the impact of COVID -19 on competitions. Competitors need to note that competition ranking points may not be allowed in part or for the whole of the 2020 – 2021 competition year. In the event that one or more States are prejudiced , and unable to hold competitions, a determination will need to be made to ensure a fair outcome. This may include cancelling Ranking Points.
  2. A decision on the accruing of ranking points in 2020 and beyond for the purpose of team selections will be taken by the Board as soon as some stability and certainty surrounding the conduct of competitions is apparent. The Board will make a further announcement in December in this regard.
  3. Qualification to attend the FFA Nationals scheduled for February 2021 in Tasmania will be opened to ALL members (subject to the usual limit on competitor numbers ( 60) with preference given to highest ranked anglers)
  4. A decision concerning the staging of the February 2021 Nationals  will be undertaken by the FFA Board as soon as practicable in consultation with the  FFA TAS Chapter Committee  and not later than early December 2020 when the Tasmanian Government position on interstate travel is due to be announced.

Rob Staples


Fly Fish Australia Inc.