Membership News – 1 September 2020

Membership Extended for 2 Years to 30 June 2022

The Board has considered the ongoing financial impact of Covid 19 upon members and has amended the arrangements for the next two years. We have addressed the situation for members who have already paid and those who may be under financial strain at present. The interim arrangements for the next two years are as follows:

  • Membership subs to be set at $100 over two years (ie. 2020/21 and 2021/22 competition years).  These may be paid in any of the following ways:
    • $100 in 2020/21 with nil due in 2021/22;
    • $50 in 2020/21 and $50 in 2021/22;  or
    • nil in 2020/21 and $100 in 2021/22,
  • These arrangements will be subject to the following provisos:
    • members who wish to enter a competition and potentially earn ranking points, must have paid their subs for that year.  This requirement is needed to comply with the Constitution, which restricts the earning of ranking points members who are ‘financial’