Nationals 2022 Update as of 01 December 2022

Published in late November 2022

The registrations for the Nationals have been closed with the following registrations accepted.

Final Registration for Nationals 2022

The sector maps have been completed and are now posted on the website below. Please note that due to the high levels of the Murray River and additional “back up sector” has been nominated so could competitors please note that this additional sector is not allowed to be fished within the closed period prior to the competition..

Maps marked up v3

Published as of 1 December 2022

Hi to All Competitors,

Please find the attached file of grouping and rotations for the Nationals at Jindabyne I am sorry it has not been up earlier.  Please note that National Parks has advised me that we WILL have to have a Parks pass to get to the River session.  You can not get a pass online unless you get an annual pass.  You will have to go to the National Parks building in Jindabyne or at the park gate going to Thredbo to get a pass.  If you are arriving late and can not get one please proceed to the river and if you do get a ticket it is only the cost of a day pass.

Groupings and Group Rotations Nationals 2022

I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Tight Lines,

Bob Bartels

0434 561 569

Published as of 2 December 2022

Prior to the Nationals on the afternoon before registration, Peter Morse is offering some casting tuition to those attending the Nationals, so if you are interested here are the details:

FFA Morsie Casting