Results of Tas Round 5 Competition

Dear Members of Fly Fish Australia, at our recent event, TAS Round 5 Mersey/Meander the competition was unfortunately affected by an accident to one of the competitors, and as such five competitors (2 from one grouping and 3 from another grouping) missed a session whilst helping a fellow competitor. The results for Round 5 have been published but it should be highlighted that a jury had to be set up to determine the results of the competition. The jury in reviewing any historical precedent were not able to consider one.

The jury considered three options: Option 1 was an abandonment of the event, Option 2 was that the competitors that provided assistance (Responders) receive a blank for the session they did not fish, and Option 3 was that the jury agree that a fair and reasonable sample could be used to provide an average to the Responders.

Option 3 was agreed in this instance for this competition. For this particular round where Responders missed a session to provide assistance to a fellow angler they were entitled to the average number of fish and the average fish points awarded to the most relevant sample. Unfortunately, there was no relevant sample at the time of the missed session, as too few anglers were fishing. As such in this case the most relevant sample were the results at the similar time on the next day on the same river. We have used this average number and length of fish to rank the Responders.

The jury comprised the most senior FFA representative at the competition, myself, the Event Organiser and two members of the State Chapter Committee, and as such were able to provide a scorecard for the recently held competition. Please reach out to myself or the TAS State Chapter if you require further details.

Importantly, it was heartening to see FFA Members rally together to help an angler in need and I am very proud that within our fishing community we have a wonderful sense of what is the right thing to do. And to Jules, who we know is a tough competitor in the sport of fly fishing, we all wish you a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing you back on the water.

Kind Regards


Jason Garrett

President, FFA