Rule Clarification: Landing Nets

The FFA Competition Rules ( and Fips -Mouche Rules ) provide with respect to Landing Nets:
30.1. The mesh material of a landing net must be rubber/silicon (preferred) or a non-abrasive synthetic or soft cotton material. Nets must now be of knotless construction.
30.2. Landing nets must not exceed forty-eight inches/one hundred and twenty-two centimetres in overall length, when fully extended.
A member has asked the Technical Advisory Committee ( Craig Coltman, David Hemphill and Glenn Eggleton) to consider and advise on the following :

Can you confirm the wording of this rule means that you are not allowed to use a telescopic handle net that is capable of extending past 122cm even if its locked in at (or below) the 122cm point.

Having considered the issue the following advice is provided:

1 It is permissible in Fly Fish Australia Inc competitions to use a telescopic net that is capable of extending beyond 122 cm PROVIDED THAT the net when taped. bound or otherwise steadfastly locked does not exceed 122cm in overall length.
2 It is not permissible to use a net which exceeds 122cm in overall length by  marking with tape or by any other means a point on the handle of the net (  telescopic or otherwise) which indicates 122 cm in  length and say that the competitor will not hold that part of the net which extends beyond the 122cm point .